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100% Hawaiian Honey

E komo mai!

Raw... local... 100% Hawaiian honey!

Nalo Meli specializes in unique local raw honeys that are fresh from the hive. In addition to our regular supply of macadamia nut, christmasberry and organic lehua honeys, every week we go out to one of our hives around the island to harvest a new batch of honey. Our local honeys are from Kailua and Waimanalo, Waianae and Waiawa, Makiki and Kahala, and Kahuku. We hope to get to Waialua in the next few months. By having such a large range of hives in backyards and on small farms across O'ahu, we can provide a huge variety of honey tastes from different types of flowers. Honey changes by season and by what flowers are in bloom around the hive (up to 5 miles!)... so if you harvest the boxes individually, and extract them individually, you can taste a time-stamp of the flowers of Hawaii.

We also offer a soap that is made just for us using our Christmasberry honey. Honey is a known anti-acne cure, and our soap is heaven for sensitive skin. By request we can provide propolis, wax and larger sizes of honey. Come and talk to us about our honey! As always, we offer full tastings at every market.

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